Q. How long before I receive my report?
A. It happens almost instantly! Once you place your order, you are redirected immediately to an access page for downloading, and from there you can print off your remedy report. If for any reason this doesn't happen, please don't wait a few days or weeks to let us know! Contact us right away by email and we'll get you set up by return email.

Q. You mean I'm not getting a book in the mail?
A. Our 30-page Fibromyalgia Remedy report is in electronic format ... an e-book. This means it is immediately available to you online in PDF format. If you don't already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, we give instructions on how to download this free plug-in, and then how to access your remedy report. See the next question ...

Q. It's been a couple of weeks since I ordered. Where's my book?
A. We understand there's a lot of information to absorb on our website and some folks don't read it all and think they are getting a hard cover book in the mail when they place their order. A FREE hard copy of the remedy report is only sent when the customer specifically requests it and pays the additional $9.95 (optional) to cover shipping and handling. This is very plainly set out on the order page.

Q. I didn't receive a redirect or confirmation by email. What happened?
Q. How come no one has replied to my emails?

A. The answer to both of these questions often lies with your email provider. If you have a filter on that blocks spam or junk mail, sometimes our email address or subject line gets read as such, and our emails end up in your junk mail folder. Or you might have a filter that requires some action on our part in order to reach your email account. We reply to every email within 12 hours, usually in less than 4 hours. Please set your email filter to allow incoming correspondence from BartonPublishing.com and/or SimpleFibroCure.com.

Q. I don't have a credit card. Can I still order your remedy report?
A. Yes! We accept personal checks (US only) or money orders (domestic or international). We do not accept money transfers or wires like Western Union. Once you've put your check in the mail, send us an email telling us you've done so, and we will give you immediate access by return email ... that's right, while your check is in the mail! Go to the Order Now page for full instructions on how to order by mail.

Q. Can I talk to somebody about my condition?
A. Sorry, our customer support phone line is for technical support only. We are not physicians, nor can we diagnose, counsel, or prescribe. Our remedy report lists many helpful resources to help you find someone besides your physician who can legally offer you emotional support and physical treatment information. And we are currently developing a blog for BartonPublishing.com, so we'll see where that takes our readers as a community with shared information.

Q. Why don't you offer this information for free?
A. You never would have found us if we didn't advertise. A little over 15 years ago, when the Internet really became accessible to the general public, it seemed everything was free. Now there are hundreds of thousands of millions of websites, and the Internet has become an international marketplace. Advertising becomes more expensive with increased competition. It costs us hundreds of dollars every week just to keep our products in the Top Ten with popular search engines such as Google. Also, we have development costs and overhead like any other business.

Q. Can't I do this myself?
A. There's so much information out there, if you have the time and expertise, you can research just about anything. You will also be subjected to pop-up ads, spyware, viruses, and flashing advertisments to almost every "free" website you visit. And then you get to spend your valuable time bookmarking, printing, and sorting out what's real and what isn't, what you've already read or haven't, and what to do or what not to do. What we've done is provide this service for you: research, compilation, and recommendations, supported by our sources, and outstanding customer support. You already don't feel well, so why add the aggravation of research when we've already done it for you?

Q. Am I going to be on some spam email lists now?
A. We hate spam just as much as you do! It is the current policy at BartonPublishing.com to not share, rent, sell, or otherwise make available any information we gather from you when you purchase our all-natural remedy report. If we should ever change this policy, it will be clearly posted under a Privacy of Information notice on our website. If at any time you wish to be removed from our mailing list, there is a link at the bottom of all automated emails that allows you to 1) unsubscribe, or 2) change your email contact information.

Q. Do you really give refunds, or is that just hype?
A. Yes, we do offer a full refund of the price of the remedy report within 365 days of your purchase. Refunds by credit card or PayPal are instantaneous; however, refunds by check (for orders placed by mail) can take 15 to 20 days to receive. However, before requesting a refund, we do ask that you actually give the remedies an honest try ... that's why we've allowed 365 days. Don't just take a look and toss the report aside. If you request a refund, we want you to tell us why the information didn't work for you so we can improve our product. (We don't like being so restrictive. Our policy used to be much more lenient. Unfortunately, a few unscrupulous people have downloaded our reports and asked for immediate refunds. There is no way to "return" an electronically formatted product; so in effect, they have stolen this copyrighted information.)

Q. How long do I have to wait to hear from somebody?
A. Our customer support staff will reply to your emails between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., central time, Monday-Friday, and as soon as possible on Saturday and Sunday. (We do not outsource to foreign countries, we do it ourselves!) Our phone is an automated answering service, but unfortunately, time zones make call backs difficult. Please email us, or leave an email address, so we can answer your questions more easily. Remember, we do not take orders over the phone.

If you have any difficulties with your order, please allow us to respond before contacting your credit card company or PayPal, as most problems can be easily and quickly resolved between us and you. Our goal is to provide excellent customer satisfaction. When you file a dispute without contacting us first, it can take days or even a week to settle through the payment centers.

And now for The Legal Stuff:
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